How long will it take to get my order?

All orders are filled as soon as we receive them. We are able to ship your order within 3-5 business days.
Custom orders may take a bit longer depending on the customization. Any custom orders may take from 7-10 to be processed and shipped.

Will my acrylic rod break?

No. Not if used properly. (See Terms and Conditions)

Our QA dept inspects every rod in a selection process to use only the mest materials. There are those rare situations when the acrylic presents a flaw. We will gladly replace the item, should there be a flaw in the material, which causes the rod to break during normal use.

What  about the Rod Materials?

Our rods are made from extruded acrylic plastic. They will withstand the test of time when used properly. Acrylic is durable, resistant to most chemicals, and is non-porous, so cleaning is easy. The handles used are Latex-free plastic.

What precautions do you use when shipping my order?

All rods are shipped in a new or recycled brown or tan mailing tube. A simple text label is attached. Inside, the rod(s) will be secured in bubble-wrap.

Feel free to ask any questions not mention here. Use our contact form.