February 10, 2017

A Taste of Acrylic

Have you ever wondered what it is about the acrylic rod that is so appealing to the leather/BDSM community?

Masochistic bottoms and sadistic tops want to know if the acrylic rod will hurt…

And heavy hitters want to know if it will break.

Gay men want to know if the acrylic rod can be inserted. Of course it can! Pain sluts just want more. Brats will try to hide their favorite color from their Top, Dom/me and/or Master. And I’m talking about the ‘Ranebow’ colors, those beautifully, handcrafted round acrylic rods.

The bad boys of acrylic are the Spiral rods. The smaller the diameter, the sharper the spiral’s edge.  The 3/8″ spiral leave nice little welt marks, visible from across the room. The 5/8″ or 3/4″ spiral rods packs a wallop, and they leave their marks as well.

Those pain sluts and masochistic bottoms will drool, quiver and shake with anticipation when you pull that spiral rod from your bag. You’ll send them into submission by holding it in your hand, waving in in the air and say, “Look what I have here!

For those kinksters not into pain…WHAT? Oh, yes! I’m talking to you.

For you, the folks who crave sensation, who want to feel that raw, sensual energy. the sensations that chill you, and thrill you. We offer the acrylic brush rods.

The acrylic brush rod paints a wispy trail as you weave around the ins and outs of the erogenous zones. Drag the brush rods across the nipples, under the scrotum, and all places in between. Create the need for the feel of soft and scratchy, sharpness, and not to mention pressure-point play.

With a pair of brush rods, drum your partner into submission. Drive them into a frenzy. Deny their orgasm. Push their boundaries of ecstasy as you dig the end of the rod into their pressure point areas.

Use the brush rods in ways you never had imagined. Whatever method you select, you will bring your partner to great heights of excitement and enjoyment once they’ve been brushed by an acrylic rod.

Ah, yes, the acrylic rod is much more than it seems at first glance, isn’t it?