Acrylic Brush Rods in ‘Ranebow’ Colors


Want a SENSUAL touch?

Acrylic bundled brush rods, in the same “Ranebow” colors, as the round rods.

These acrylic brush rods will drive your sensations, and theirs, wild with a simple stroke. The brush rods will provide you with many ways to tantalize your bottom/submissive/slave.

For the ‘drummer’ in you, a pair of these brush rods will provide you hours of enjoyment. Find new ways to keep the beat.

The ‘Ranebow’ brush rods average about 12″ in length, and are sold in pairs (online only). At vendor events, the acrylic bundled brush rods are sold individually. Need a special order?  Simple. Use the form to contact us with your request.

SKU: BR-0001


The ‘Ranebow’ brush rods are for light-impact, a more sensual touch. They offer hours of use when drumming, or with other methods of contact. To clean,  a simple wipe of the brush rod, using a cloth sprayed your favorite disinfectant, will suffice. Air dry.

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