Acrylic Lighted Brush Rods


Our acrylic ‘Light-Rod’ brush rods, are beautifully handcrafted. Sold individually, when, purchased as a pair, each set is matched up as evenly as possible.

Now there’s no excuse not to play in the dark with the light-rod acrylic brushes. They will drive your sensations wild with a simple stroke. For you drummers out there, these rods are available in a set of two.

Prices start at $25.00 for one, $40.00 for a set of two (a savings of $10!)

RodsByRane and its respective owners, agents and suppliers assume no responsibility for illegal, unsafe or misuse of these products. Do check your local laws for any restrictions. 

Rods By Rane has grown, and now sells their products internationally!




Our rods are made of extruded acrylic, non-porous material, and easy to clean. Use a soft cloth, spray on madecide or any other type of disinfectant, and wipe, to clean after play.

Handles are covered in latex-free material.

Batteries ARE included, and are easily replaced with a simple twist of the handle end.

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multi-color, green, red, blue