Acrylic Spiral Rods


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Rods By Rane’s Spiral acrylic rods put a new twist on the word pain. The smaller the diameter of the rod, the sharper the spiral’s edge; a strong strike may leave a mark on your intended object of desire. There is an element of sting and thud combined, which will satisfy even the brattiest sub or bottom.

The handle is a latex-free plastic that withstand hours of use, and won’t slip from you hand while in use.

Rods By Rane carry spiral rods in 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ diameters, the length is 24 inches. One of our most popular spirals is the 3/4″. The sight of this rod may intimidate even the most experienced bottom.

**Custom orders are welcomed.

Our rods are designed with comfort and style for repetitive and consistent applications. Our rods are very durable-guaranteed not to break when used properly.
SKU: SR000-02


The spiral rods are easy to clean after play. Simply wipe clean using either soap and water, or a disinfectant of your choice. Extruded acrylic is non-porous material.

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Rod Size

1/2" – 25.00, 5/8" – 35.00, 3/4" – 45.00, 1" in – 55.00