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Regarding our products:

If you are new to caning, start slow and work yourself up to a comfortable level with your acrylic rod. Discover which sensation you like, stingy or thuddy, or revel in the sensation of the brush rods.

Always be aware of the force you are using when striking with your acrylic rod.

If you want to deliver stingy strikes, use the skinny 1/4″ rod. Want to lay some medium blows, use the 3/8″ or 1/2″ rods. Going for the hard hits? Use the  3/4″ or 1″ diameter round rods. Mix it up, try out the 3/4″ spiral rods and/or the new square rods for a good thud.

NEW! Our lighted rods and lighted brush rods and handles are made from the same quality acrylic as the non-lighted rods.

Our rod carriers are made from heavy-duty industrial felt. The rod cases will safely protect your acrylic rods.


 Should an acrylic rod break, please contact us directly to handle this matter. In rare cases, there may be a flaw in the acrylic itself that may cause breakage. Send an email to: info@rodsbyrane.com Tell us what happened.

RodsByRane and its respective owners, and/or suppliers assume no responsibility for illegal, unsafe or misuse of these novelty items and/or products.

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